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The Mudgarden Experience!




You can have a chance to play with Jimi and Kurt!

As part of the Smithsonian's traveling exhibit; Jim Henson's Fantastic Experience, EMP|SFM included a brilliant interactive element; A puppet TV studio where you can be a puppeteer for the Mudgarden Experience, Seattle's newest rock band. The staff at EMP|SFM have designed a complete music studio stage, with a Sesame Street stoop that you can watch from. Gonzo is running the camera, there is a monitor for the puppeteers, the stage includes a drum kit, key board, stage lighting and even a mini Marshal stack! It is really amazing. You can try your hand at professional puppeteering of one of the band members while performing a song live in front of the camera! And they commissioned me to make the band! So much fun. The Mudgarden Experience, is made up of Kurt Cobain, Jimi Hendrix, Carrie Akre and Animal 'Keith' Moon. A Muppet Jimi! How cool is that!? And Kurt is just rockin'

Go be a rock star! Let me know when your show is!



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It has been a blast building these. I was lucky enough to have been presented with some really wonderful research and initial drawing by Sam Vance of the EMP staff that really helped keep us all on the same track. These photos are just some quick shots to get them up here. Hopefully I will have some better shots in the short term. If you take shots of your 'performance' while at the exhibit let me know and I will post them here! I can't wait to see them in action.