Ozz Franca, 1928-1991, has won much acclaim for the wonderful sensitivity and subtle harmonies in his interpretations of the expressions and moods of children. Which led to the style he is most known for: his "big eyed" genre paintings mostly from the '60's. His later works focus on Native Americans. This site concentrates on his least known and appreciated works, his abstract, graphic paintings of cityscapes, landscapes, and seascapes that are so evocative of the midcentury aesthetic.

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Mr. Franca, graduated from the Fine Arts School in Sao Brazil in 1949. He won first prize in art at the age of fourteen in the annual "Spring Salon" at Sao Paulo. From there he went on to win prizes all over Brazil. His great ability won him a scholarship to the University of Utah in 1952.

Other accomplishments include being the first Brazilian artist to work as a cartoonist on a Walt Disney movie, and his experience as an Olympic swimmer who won 58 medals and three trophies. Years of perseverance as an artist were eventually rewarded and Franca enjoyed tremendous popularity and commercial success before his death in 1991. The winner of numerous awards, including honors from the city of Los Angeles for his cultural contributions, Franca resided in a California desert community that afforded him the appreciation and silence that allowed his creativity to flourish.